Friday, May 11, 2018

#139 Celebrate Mother's Day with Organique Lavender Lotion Set

Organique Lavender Lotion Set - specially for Mommykins'  

It's Mother's Week! If you have yet to decide what to get for your mommy this time, you should totes hop onto Lazada -> and grab this Organique Lavender Lotion Set @ only RM88! It comes with a lavender scented body lotion and hand cream. 

Organique uses its famous 100% rich in minerals and natural Olinda Spring Water from Mount Dandenong which is known for its effective skin healing properties.

Every year I struggle deciding what would be the best Mother's Day gift cause it feels like it's never enough, don't you think so? Bringing her out for a meal, getting her a bouquet of roses, a bottle of Chanel's, or anything at all, just don't seem enough.

But this year, I decided to get my mommy a set of Organique Lavender Lotion Set to help her rejuvenate her aged skin. For she has spent all her motherhood trying to provide a comfortable & loving environment to her family - doing laundry, cooking and cleaning. It must have been really hard and tiring.

And honestly.. I myself have also been using other Organique's skincare products such as night cream, serum & rose mist for the past few months. My personal verdict would be a genuine 8.5/10.

It has helped me rejuvenate my lack of sleep & water - facial skin. As I stay up late very often and I am almost always sleep-deprived. But with Organique, I don't have to worry about dry skin, no more.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

#138 BASH turns 4

Guess whut? BASH turned 4 last Sunday!!

I've been following them for the longest time I know, and it's thrilling to see how much they've grown. From a casual online boutique to one of the Bash online boutique! Their apparel selection is always so up to date & on point.

Their Bash pieces tend to go out of stock within hours! Like if you spotted something you really like, you better be quick to grab it before it's gone 😉

A warm welcome from these beautiful ladies upon arrival.

And thank you Bash, for organizing such a fruitful event with so many activities and interactions going on. Credits - WonderMama, WonderUpstairs, Benefit.MY, LittleBlack.Co, Papermint, PinknProper, CakeTogether and many more. 

Also, introducing you to their upcoming collections in collaboration with PinknProper. I love how they match PinknProper's swim wears with Bash's clothing. Perfect for a beach day out! Scroll down to seeee~

And lastly, a picture with the BASH's lady bosses and Caitlin - who's a total sweetheart.

If you haven't done your CNY shopping yet, then this is the best time for you to shop! For Bash will be launching their latest collection at tomorrow. So, stay tuned!

& once again, thank you Bash for the exclusive invitation! Xx.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

#137 Happy 2018!

So another year has passed!
I hope I'm not too late for this, but, HAPPY 2018 lovelies! xx

2017 passed almost in a blink of an eye (literally). But one of the most memorable event take took place in the year of 2017 was from graduating in early March to getting employed in early May.

2017 has taught me soooo much and I can't deny that I've grown almost too rapidly over the year. I wouldn't say it was a smooth sailing or all-rainbows-no-hurricane year to me. In fact I loved every bit of ups and downs that had happened lol. It was very challenging and happening, but I'm glad to say that I managed to go through all the hurdles and come back stronger, all thanks to the loved ones who have always been by my side, supporting, inspiring and encouraging me each day. Fam, bf, friends & colleagues, thank you

Honestly, there're so much to be thankful for this 2017. I've gained new experiences, explored new places, meeting new people, learning new things, achieved a bucketful of my 2017 resolutions and lastly, being able to spend my last few days of 2017 in China with the VIPs (oh & I'll be blogging bout my trip to Hunan,China next week). I couldn't be more grateful than this, seriously.

Anyhoo, here's to hoping a greater 2018! And I hope it'll be great for all of you too, xx.