Monday, August 7, 2017

#134 GR8AT deals coming your way on 8/8/17!

I'm calling out to all Shopaholics, Foodies, Travellers and Beauty-enthusiasts

Don't say I never share! Something GR8AT will be happening tonight sharp at 12AM! 8excite is celebrating its Celebr8 8th promotion on the 8/8/2017 starting from 12AM!! Scroll down to find out more exciting promotion.

8excite will be rewarding every customers this Celebr8 8th promotion with:

(1) 8X Excite Points (EP) for every purchase made only on 8/8/2017! 8 TIMES OK! These EP can then be redeemed with any vouchers available on 8excite:

(2) 88 Deals will be going off for as low as 100EP = RM1!! 

(3) And for purchases of RM50 and above will get the privilege to enjoy these amazing freebies as follows:

RM50 – RM99
Free TGV ticket
RM100 – RM199
Free Starbucks
RM200 – RM499
Free 2x Tickets for MMA ONE Championship Final
RM500 – RM799
Free Sunway Lagoon Voucher (All Day Entry Adult)
RM800 – RM1000
Free Couple Bali Deals
Free 2x Jay Chou Concert Tickets

8excite has more than 500 daily deals live on their website from various participating merchants such as Universal Studio SG, Tealive Malaysia, Watsons, Caring, Shangri-La Hotel, MBO Cinemas and many more. It's your loss if you don't grab this opportunity to shop away! This is the best time to indulge without spending the extra bucks. So go go go on to: for a truckload of 8EXCITING DEALS!

Signing off, xx.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

#133 Pastel fever

Inner-wear: Tapas
Outer-wear: China
Bottom: Padini 
Accessories: Daniel Wellington and Pandora

I really wasn't trying to pull off that #RBF or #TOLF. I'm sure by now you know what's RBF but you'd be wondering what on earth is TOLF 😏 I came up with that 'cause I was indeed very upset that day. So it basically stands for "tired of life face".

👀 I can sense y'all judging me already 👀

Anywayyyy.. I guess I'm a sucker for everything pastel. The sole reason why I paid Dessert Bar by Stanley a visit was because of the pastel-neon display outside of the shop. Shamelessly revealing the truth huh? lol. Well, go on and make your visit! Try their desserts and their iced long black. Also don't forget to audaciously have your round of photoshoot sesh 😜

Signing off, xx.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

#132 BLACK, is a lifestyle.


She wears black, but she has the most colourful mind 😉

Dress: Nichii
Accessories: Fossil watch, Pandora bracelet
Footwear: Daphne

It's really amazing how from thinking "everything in Nichii looks too matured" to "omg Nichii is one of the best place to get working clothes". Still can't believe my age, still can't believe i'm out of school forever (contemplating if I should pursue masters), and still can't believe how much have things changed over the years. But i'm proud of who I have become and i'm proud of my personal achievements, even if they mean little. Can't wait to find out what greater things this year has in store for me. 

Signing off, xx.