Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#126 5D4N Trip to China & HK - Part 2

I'm finally back to do a wrap up! I know I've delayed part2 for way too long. Anyhooo..

On D3, we decided to travel to HongKong for a day trip 'cause I've never been to HK. We were contemplating earlier 'cause it would be a very tiring trip to travel around like that, especially without a tour guide. We have to figure our way around so I'd say it was quite an adventurous trip. But it wasn't all that confusing/hard to get to HK and it was easy for us to ask for directions 'cause we happen to bump into nice people lolol. 

Our first stop was at this fineee looking restaurant in HK (which i've no idea what is the place called). I'd rate this place 8/10! I like how everything was served hot and fresh so it was extremely satisfying to me. Or perhaps I was already famished by the time we ate this 'cause we took about 3hrs by train, to arrive HK. And we skipped breakfast that day 'cause we were running late T.T

I was pretty damn overwhelmed with this abalone porridge. T'was so so good :3

We stopped almost at every station; MongKok, YauMaTei, TsimTsaTshui, ShaTin, HungHom, CausewayBay and lastly Victoria Harbour. Just casually walking around, looking for shoes (literally shoes hunter) and just experiencing a Honkie's lifestyle .

Couldn't resist myself from snapping a picture with the Line teddy eventhough there were so many people waiting to take a picture with it. Funny how my bf's mom asked me to quickly step in and take pictures LOLL. Gotta thank her for that! 😃

And stopped by Holly Brown Cafe in HK to have a quick dessert sesh, which turned out to be a really long one since we have access to other social media platforms and we were all so dead beat from walking and taking trains since D1. I am pretty sure we all burned more calories than we consumed.

Not long after we took a subway train to Victoria Harbour, which is a must-visit when you're in HK especially when it's your first time! It's sad that we missed out Lan Kwai Fong 'cause it's such a hassle for us to get there by train since it's really out of the way.

We have so many ugly and retarded pictures taken together and I really think it's not appropriate to have them posted up in my blog so... 😀

One tick off my bucket list! Always wanted to experience this myself. Walking around Victoria Harbour with my love at night, just looking at the city of lights, while enjoying the cold breeze. So i'm glad that I got to experience it this trip!

And headed back to ShenZhen around 10PM.

Well, that's a wrap!

If you were to ask me how would I rate this trip, or how I find this trip, then my answer would be a fair 7/10 for an overall. It was a love-hate trip to me, but it was nonetheless very adventurous cause we had to figure our way around ShenZhen and HongKong. We didn't rely on waze, tour guide, maps or any of that sort. We only googled where we wanted to go and took subway trains throughout the entire journey to get to our destinations. 

Also note that all of us are really bad at mandarin. We can't speak well, nor read, nor write 😀 literally bananas. 

But I enjoyed all the little things throughout this trip. From rushing for transportation, to good food, to shopping sesh, to visiting HK, to midnight snacks sesh, to having hot soup/snacks under 15 degree celcius, to getting to experience my very first oversea trip with my boyfriend is the best one yet. 

Totally looking forward to the next trip with my bf! This time hoping we'd go for something crazier - for instance, water sports 😉 though I've aquaphobia. I really wanna get out of my comfort zone. I love heights, I can deal with it, but I've never learnt how to deal with water. 

Thank you for spending time to read my blog!

'till then, xx. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#125 5D4N Trip to China & HK - Part I.

First and foremost, HAPPY 2017 peeps!

A fresh new year is once again upon us. Be thankful of the past and appreciate the presence. May 2017 brings us all an abundant of joy, good health and good vibes. Remember to plan your 365 days well and make full use of it (even if it means just taking a day off from your hectic work/school life and lay back at home and do nth) loll. Wish y'all the best!


Anyhoo, I'm here, to blog 'bout my trip to China and HongKong just a fortnight ago hehe. I like how I put an end to my 2016 this way - leaving footprints and taking only memories in a different country with my beloved. Ok so, I'm gonna keep it really short and quick cos I bet you guys just wanna look at the photos and skip all these blabbering (seemingly unimportant information), whilst I wanna have it jotted down somewhere so i'm doing it here :3

And as stated in the title post, obviously I'll be separating this post into 2 parts: China and HK. It's easier that way otherwise this post is gonna look extremely draggy. 

ShenZhen - DongMen, China

My bf's family planned to go ShenZhen in Dec'16 cos there was some sort of ticket promo going on and it was really cheap so, why not? Anyway, we took an early morning flight at about 6AM to ShenZhen from Malaysia and boy was I thrilled cos it was my first time travelling to somewhere cold. We landed 'round 10AM and the temperature was at 12-13 degree celcius. It was cold, but I liked it soooo much. I've always been a rainy-season kind of person. I always choose cold/rainy over hot/sunny and I knew I'd love winter season too (maybe not the ones that go below 5 degree celcius).

Our first stop in ShenZhen was this restaurant that I do not know what is it called because I can't friggin read chinese lol. But anyhoo, that's not the point. The food was good and I like how they cook with chili most of the time. I swear my tolerance towards spicy food is beyond incredible and I gotta admit I am a megaaaa fan of spicy food. Get me them Hunan dishes alrd!

After lunch, we walked around the streets and explored XinHu street. Then headed back to sleep for a bit cause we didn't get a good sleep before we leave. In the evening, we simple explored around DongMen, the shopping street, where you can find basically everything.


ShenZhen - Luo Hu District, China

To keep it simple and short, we took the subway train to LuoHu District and had super good dim sum on Day 2. LuoHu District is another shopping centre which you can get there by train or taxi, and you can get practically any stuff there, like you'd be amazed with how pretending to be "not interested in the item" can help you to get a further markdown. Literally from 160-200yuan to 60-80yuan. It's fascinating. And don't get me started with how it is so bloody efficient and convenient with the subway station practically situated everywhere you go. Can't Malaysia be like that too? Lol.

I'm salivating just by looking at it uhmagawddd.

Also, I loveeeeee street food! Always have. And I've always wanted to try slurping hot noodles on a cold weather like this. It feels just too good to be true. You ought to try it someday, even if you loathe cold weather or street food.

I didn't take that much of pictures cos everywhere looked very similar and I tend to forget to snap pictures when I enjoy the trip/occasion a little too much, seriously (also because i'm very exhausted from the continuous walking la tbh lmao). And also this is more of a shopping trip. We didn't visit any historic places and whatnot so there really isn't much to show you guys. Well, I have more photos in my camera but I am just gonna keep it short and simple. So, yup, that's bout it! Stay tune for part 2!!