Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#123 Story of my hair.

How many times have I dyed my hair!?

I kinda lost count tbh. But i'm very sure it is not more than 10 times LOL. Thing is, I really regret dyeing my hair red, twice. Now I have trouble getting rid of the red base. I tried dyeing brown after that (sort of bleached my hair but the hair stylist told me it was only the first level of bleach so it didn't quite kill my hair), but it just won't work. Ofcourse, I was advised to do several bleachings before dyeing another colour onto my hair in order to get rid of the red base. But I foresee my hair looking like a bundle of hay if I were to do that and that's why I REGRET dyeing it red in the first place! OMG T.T

Back when I was only 18 and I still refuse to dye my hair because I knew the maintenance would be tedious. Like, re-dyeing once the root is out and going for hair treatments (I've never been to one btw because i'm too broke wth). I tried dip-dye in copper brown but it was a failure 'cause I didn't bleach it. So it was only obvious under sunlight. 

Back when I was only 19. It was my first time dyeing and I remembered doing it myself with Liese bubble hair-dye and it was pretty damn satisfying because the colour turned out to be pretty obvious even in picture. I chose Jewel Pink

Then I dyed my hair brown when I was 20. Twice, if i'm not mistaken. *Edit* Decided to look back at my old albums and I noticed I dyed brown shades about 3-4 times, which I don't even remember LOL.

So anyway, I've tried medium golden brown, copper, chestnut brown and light brown


My first time dyeing red. I have alwaaaaaays wanted to dye my hair red 'cause I really think it will suit me and my personality. So I itchy hand DIY again. This time with L'oreal. And boy was I extremely satisfied with the outcome! Look at that rednesssssss <3

And then this was the second time I dyed my hair in wine red, somewhere in September 2015. That's when I know I screwed up because I wouldn't be able to dye any other colour unless I bleaaaach it.

 I cut it veryyyy short at that time somewhere in Oct 2015 'cause I thought of trying something new since I've always been in my comfort zone (with long hair).

I dyed brown and did an under-dye in purple for 2016's CNY. And I cut it even shorter. I almost regret it, but a lot of people said I look really fresh in it so it was fine lol.

My latest hair colour as of Nov 2016.

I've consulted a few hair stylist and they all advised me the same thing. If I were ever to dye any other colour other than red, I will need to bleach my whole head. I CANNOT AFFORD TO SPOIL MY HAIR LIKE THAT!! T_____T So I really have no idea what other ways is there for me to change my hair colour without spoiling it. Unless I spend hundreds and hundreds of MYR to do hair treatment after bleaching it. I should have dyed all the other hair colour that I wanted to try first only dye red. Why la why??

Question is, is it worth it? Do I have to go to that extent (bleaching, spending tonnes of money to do treatment) just to change my hair colour?

Or should I live with this ugly hair and slowly cut them off? So I can go back to my original hair colour? Omg T__T

Signing off, with sadness TT


  1. I think bleaching is not very worth it fr long hair (it might cause hair breakage depending on yr hair's state especially since you've dyed it lots of times) unless you really don't mind the annoying texture & pampering yr hair w lots of conditioner every single day + buy new products. And treatments doesn't really help *much* tbh, probably the first week then kinda back to normal. But never know, perhaps yr hair is very healthy type so you can still afford to bleach. I think it's probably best to seek a stylist's advice.

    You're in a situation now where you need a lot of patience :/ Either patience to take care of bleached hair, or patience to grow it out & slowly trim off the reds. I totally know how that feels! Super stuck & sad haha. Hence, my short hair :/ One time chop everything off T___T

    1. If I were to compare my hair condition to last year, this year's my hair condition is pretty bad already 'cause the previous hair-dye session was a major failure. the hair-dye made my hair very drrrrry T_T trusted the wrong saloon/hair stylist lol

      Haih. I really wanted to try different hair colour before I get into corporate world. But I guess I have to give that up T_T I'm just gonna let it grow and get rid of the reds through time. Argh T.T

    2. If you cut yr hair short you still have the chance to try out diff hair colors before you enter the corporate world. Short hair is much easier to manage. I'm thinking of going blonde (never learn my lesson fml).

    3. That's the thing thou. I will have to give up on my long hair if I were to decide to bleach and dye my hair T.T so it's either I dye and go short, or I keep my hair long. Btw if you wanna try blonde you shld prolly try purplish silver-blonde. it looks damn pretty! :3 but dno if you'll like it. you can try googling.

    4. I'll check it out thanks babe ♥