Thursday, October 6, 2016

#122 Summary of Aug-Sept


It's upsetting how I fail to catch up with time. Time goes by so fast and it always feel like I don't have enough time to do the things I need or want to do. Just lemme summarize the month of September and some bits and pieces from August into a post. September has always been one of my favourite month (heh heh) so I thought I shouldn't leave it empty just like that. Gotta do a summary even if I don't have the time to T_T


12-14th August

I managed to take two days off from my workplace and went on a short getaway with my bf during my August semester break. So we were away from reality for 3D2N lmao! We were deciding between a few places like Langkawi, Redang and whatnot. But it was a very last minute plan so we ended up with Malacca, again. LOLL.

Tbh, it doesn't really matter where we heading to. As long as we are away from reality for a while and enjoy the days together doing the things we love and just binge on food. This trip is more of a stay-cation trip so we stayed a night in Hatten Hotel and another in Swan Garden Hotel. Both are of which great hospitality so we were really satisfied with our stay-cation! Loveeee Hatten's buffet breakfast thou.


30th August

Celebrated Tracy's birthday @ 33 Blue Room. T'was a great night filled with retarded jokes and laughters all in all ;)


1st September

We've been best friends for almost 13 years and we thought this relationship deserves some celebration (just like couples celebrating anniversary rofl) so we settled down @ LanceLot Tea Guild in Nadayu28 for dinner. But these two girls treated me instead in conjunction to my 22nd birthday celebration. It is superrrr in advance btw. You'll know why later T_T


6th September

I had to bend for you, so pls love me more <3

The day that we don't look forward to, has come. Our peach (aka Adeline) flew off to UK to further her studies and i'm half proud and sad 'cause she is doing her masters there, but we won't be seeing each other until god knows when. You know I love you to StrathGlyde and back, no doubt. <3


12th September

It was a public holiday so we went on a triple-date. Long story short, it was already almost 9:30pm when we arrived at the Light Sensation in Serdang. So we went for a quick bite at the food-truck area and quickly went to do what we wanted to do 'cause the place closes at 12 midnight. Another great night filled with hell lots of laughter lol.


16th September

Lyn and I were born on the same date, month and year. The only difference is I'm 12 hours younger and nope, we aren't biological sisters. But we act pretty much like one hahah! Coincidentally, Chermaine will be around over the weekend so all of us gathered @ BLVD House, Naza Tower. Did a little catching up, but I swear it was not enough. Can't wait 'till Maine is back again!


19th September

Threw Lyn a mini birthday surprise simply 'cause she deserves all the love she can get. Happiest birthday to my dearest sis <3


20th September

Had a very simple birthday celebration with baby and the usual bunch @ Botanica+Co, Bangsar South. Thank you for the birthday treat, gifts and everything else baby <3


21st September

Final celebration with the fam. Kept it really simple this year. I don't know if it's because I've reached the stage whereby presents don't matter anymore. I appreciate the presence of my loved ones instead. It doesn't matter where we celebrate it, as long as I have them with me on this very day and that's all that matters to me now. I'm definitely aging T.T shit. 


K that pretty much sums up my September. I doubt I will be blogging any time soon 'cause October is hectic. I'm not even joking. Will be back with another summary post, hopefully by end of this month otherwise the next. So.. 'till then loves! x.