Thursday, July 28, 2016

#121 BCL TSURURI made it possible!

It has been one longggg and hectic fortnight. It felt like I haven’t been blogging for almost a month cause I was really caught up with both studies and work. Needing to cope with both at the same time really is challenging. What makes it even more demanding is that I need to ensure my skin is still at its vibrant and healthy condition notwithstanding the hectic schedule.

Well, in spite of all the sleepless and nerve-wrecking nights, I still manage to keep my skin in good condition all thanks to BCL TSURURI

Before I get into the steps that are needed to be taken to apply these products, I would like to further explain what these products are to allow you to have a clearer and better understanding of BCL skincare products. The BCL skincare product range are Tsururi and AHA by Cleansing Research. Tsururi products mainly focuses on blackhead and pore care, and AHA by Cleansing Research, which is also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids. AHA originate from milk and fruit sugars. The most common alpha hydroxyl acids are lactic acid and glycolic acid. These two acids in particular penetrate the skin very well and are often used in skin care products. Also, BCL is an abbreviation for Beauty Creative Lab.


400ml @ RM44.90

This 4-in-1 toner works like magic as it comes with multiple usage. This product can be used as makeup remover, face wash, skin treatment and lotion. Also, it wipes away dead skin cells and as well as it moisturizes your skin with the AHA ingredients.


55g @ RM39.90

Tsururi Pore Cleansing contains Moroccan ghassoul, zeolite power stone, andes salt and charcoal scrub which helps to deep clean the pores and extract impurities from nose, chin and between eyebrows.


55g @ RM39.90

A 2-in-1, 5-minutes hydrating and toning mask which extracts skin oil from the clogged pores. It hydrates your skin while it extracts access skin oil from the face. Well personally, I think this is a brilliant idea. Because everytime I use a pore-remover mask, the surface of my skin tend to dry up or crack. Thus, this product contains plant-based moisturizers in order to ensure soft and smooth skin every time after wash. Basically it contains of royal jelly extract, bitter orange peel extract, witch hazel leaf extract and peppermint leaf extract. Another plus point? Is that it smells of herbal spa scent which is very relaxing. For better and faster result, use it once or twice a week.


120g @ RM34.90

It is 100% botanic cleansing that provides thorough cleansing for pores so you may kiss your blackheads goodbye ;) This product helps to get rid of stubborn impurities and blackheads which is formulated with Moroccan lava clay, andes salt and charcoal to absorb dirt, repair keratin and leave skin smooth. It has a blend of 6 different types of natural essence oil which are of: lavender, lemongrass and rosemary extract, deliver clean and calming scents.


145ml @ RM39.90

AHA Cleansing Research Clear Peeling Lotion suitable for normal to oily skin! This exfoliating lotion also contains 100% plant based cleansing ingredients such as grape leaf extract, 5 varieties of AHA and 3 varieties of moisturizer.
Although said to be an exfoliating lotion, it contain ingredients which keep the skin hydrated and moisturized instead of leading to dry and peeling skin.


With all that said, do you have a clear understanding on what these products are? If you do, then just follow these 4 simple steps to achieving clear, smooth and healthy skin condition like mine! ^^


Step 1: Remove makeup and wash face with Cleansing Water Oil Free b

Step 2 Apply toner/lotion with Clear peeling lotion

Step 3: Put on a 5-10 minutes mask using Point Clay Pack

Step 4: Clean up clogged pores and extract impurities with Ghassoul Paste


And voilaaa~ there you go, keeping your skin healthy and vibrant even on your busiest week/month! Remember to repeat step 1 to 4 everyday for at least one to two weeks to see some results! And do take note that this is reviewed based on individual experience as outcomes may vary depending on individual.

All I applied was a thinnnn layer of Naruko's bb cushion and look! I don't even need to apply any other cosmetic product like colour-corrector, concealer and whatnot to cover my pores, no more. Happy girl is happy! ^^

If you have any other questions to ask me regarding BCL skincare products, then do drop me a comment at the comment box below or feel free to drop by BCL's Facebook page for more info! And BCL skincare products can be easily purchased from selected Guardian pharmacy outlets in Malaysia. So, what chu waitin' fo!?

Till then readers, xx.


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