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#119 4th Anniversary dinner @ Busaba Thai ♡

Finally getting a break from work on a weekend (besides the Raya week). I swear it is not easy trying to have a balanced life with so many responsibilities in hand. A full time student on weekdays, part time employee on weekends, full time driver and helper every single day. Sounded easy, but trust me, it really isn't especially when you have to make time for many other things as well like family, boyfriend and friends. Lol.

Well, it's very very rare of me to be free on a weekend so I thought, why not do some blogging? ^^

~ 25th June 2016 ~

So this year, our anniversary falls on a Saturday, but we didn't get to spend the entire day together like how we did for the past 3 years 'cause we had to work from early morning 'till late evening. Workaholic couple lolol.

Our initial plan was to head down to KL for dinner and probably catch a movie if there is one. But I guess that would be a bad idea 'cause we would be famish by then and so I thought of Busaba Thai @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (which is only 15minutes drive away from where we stay lol).

Their thai tea tasted really good although it was a tad bit too sweet to my liking. Had to ask for some ice to dilute it.

Lucky us, we get to feast on a Ramadhan promotion menu which comes with 2 beverages, 1 starter, 2 soup, 4 main courses, 2 plates of rice and 2 desserts for only RM200(+-). And all of that is enough to be shared among 3-4 person (especially a group of girls).

Money bags for starter! Which was really good when dipped with the thai sauce.

We get to choose between clear tom yum and red tom yum soup. So we went with both since my bf suggested it. The clear tom yum soup turns out to be slightly more sour-ish. The red one is slightly more creamy I would say. So it is up to your preference, but I personally loved both ;)

The 4 main courses consist of green curry chicken/beef which comes with naan, sweet and sour chicken, mixed vegetables and tau foo. 

And they served us sago honeydew with coconut milk as desserts. My bf and I loved it soooo much. I've had lots of this dessert before, but this is by far the best that I have ever had.


Anyway, i'm sorry I didn't get to take a lot of pictures and whatnot because it was already almost 9pm when we got there and their kitchen is closing at 9:30pm. Which explains why I was not bothered to take a lot of pictures and besides, I was in a rush 'cause we were both late so I left my camera at home. 

But anyhoo, I guess it was a good idea leaving my camera behind. Cause then I get to spend more time with my bf just talking and chuckling away while savouring the finely crafted Thai cuisine. ^^

My overall experience with Busaba Thai is an 8/10. From taste wise to customer service to food quality and ambiance. And I like how we walked around the Sunway area after we had our dinner. Just walking along the beautiful street and have conversations that only we both know/share. I'm glad that I chose to go to Busaba Thai. It was indeed a good choice. 

And here is a picture of us! ❤

Also, I wanna say, thank you baby for all the unconditional love that you have showered upon me. It truly is a blessing to have met you and be with you. Truly a blessing sent from above. I love you ❤

And nonetheless, received so many anniversary gifts from him this year which made me felt really thankful and happy at the same time. #blessed

Busaba Thai
Lobby level, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa,
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: 03-56121033

'Till then readers!

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