Tuesday, August 29, 2017

#135 My Nail-Parlour Visits

So many things happened the past 3 weeks! (good things, I mean). I have had a pretty rough time in July, but I'm glad things have been going fairly smoothly since the beginning of August. And I just have to share with my fellow readers, that.. I've graaaaaaduateddddd! Thou I've graduated monthsss back, but it feels different you know? To actually go through the convocation and be officially graduated. Wew!


Well,  besides all the happy-happenings, I guess work is slowly taking its toll on me. I've been working non-stop and I guess it's the industry's culture. It is something I have to learn to live with if I plan to stick with e-commerce forever.

And so I thought, let's take a day off and turn this unusual Monday-blue around? Took a day off and went to get my nails done (again).  But this time I over-squandered a little and accidentally burnt a hole in my pocket. See how I try to make it seem like it was accidental to come in terms with my guilt? rofl. 

Here's a compilation of the nail art I've done at the nail parlour over the years, just in case you're curious. 


1. Vintage Roses with a tint of Fiery Red.

This was my very first time doing mani-pedi and I got it done at A Cut Above - Sunway Pyramid. The manicurist was very patient and gentle. Thumbs up for the service! For the price thou.. I wasn't sure how much was it for a complete set of mani-pedi cos it was a birthday gift from my girlfriends. But it should be around RM150-180.

2. Broken Glass

I would personally name this set "Imperfectly Perfect". The glitter represents perfection/beauty, whereas the broken glass nail art represents imperfection/flaw. What 'bout Black you wonder? That explains my personality = "You are independent, strong-willed and determined and like to be in control of yourself and situations.Macam yes 😈

I got this set done at BubbleGum Nails - Casa Tropicana. It was on promotion so I got mine done at only RM45 (without gel removal). 

3. Subtle Natural Hues x Gold Glitter Dusting

I think anybody can tell by the look of the nail art that this one is a failure. Geez. I walked into this nail parlour in USJ Taipan - V Beauty Saloon, and was expecting a certified manicurist. But to my surprise, there was only ONE manicurist available, and she wasn't even close to being certified. I can do better (not over-exaggerating and my faithful readers would know I am pretty damn good at it).

I spent almost a hundred bucks to get this shitty service. I was pretty chill at first, then I got even more irritated whenever I look at my nails. Ugh! 

4. Pastel Galaxy x Zodiac (Virgo + Aquarius)

And this is the brand new set for the month of September! Got it done today @ Juicy Colours Nail Salon - Mont Kiara for RM170. And this time around, I went with round-shaped instead of the usual square-shaped nails. I walked into the nail parlour having absolutely no idea which design should I do this time. But I suddenly thought of doing something sentimental which explains why I chose to go with Zodiacs - Virgo (myself) + Aquarius (my bf). 


Well I guess that's about it. I have never really fancied going to the nail parlour cause I usually do it on my own and I tend to be quite adventurous with my nails. I once thought it was a waste of money, but not anymore, or maybe I still do. Idk. It can get a little contradicting. But I love pretty nails nonetheless! Anyway, click HERE if you wish to see one of the nail art that I did back in those days.

Signing off, xx.

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