Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#13 2013

Heh. How should I start this? Okay first and foremost, HAPPY 2013 everybody! :D It's another brand new start and I hope 2012 has been an awesome year to all of your. 'Cause 2012 is definitely one of the most memorable year to me :) Let's just hope 2013 will be another great year, k?

Anyhoo, despite blogging this on a new year -.- I just wanna keep you guys updated about what I did on Christmas and New Year Eve.

My family, relatives and I went all the way to Seremban One for dinner on a Christmas Eve. It was a total last minute plan. I mean, we all do suck at deciding where to dine in so we thought going for Western on a Christmas Eve would be great. Thus, we spent our evening in Seremban One's Kensington restaurant. 

 The appetizer. 

 My main course. Black pepper chicken.

 Brother's main course.

 I remember this! Tuna pasta.

The desserts.

 & I had a glass of red wine.

With my fam!

Top - H&M
red Pants - China
haha sorry too much of instagram

Then we spent the rest of the night at Station One. Empty talks and random topics. Headed to grandma's crib for gift session andddd that's about it.

Came back Subang on Christmas Day and decided to have a Christmas dinner with my dearest boyfie @ Pyramid's Tony Romas.

I don't remember what is it called but this salad taste like heaven! :O

Lamb rib with ranch sauce if im not wrong? Now this, is the real shizz!

Dress - le.mode maison boutique
sorry no pictures with my boyfie. he dressed up so well on that night too haha

A simple nail art to end 2012 and start 2013.

On 27th December, Joanne asked my boyfie and I over to her place for dinner. So I spent my noon shopping with Joanne @ Pyramid while waiting for boyfie to come over. & I burnt a hole in my pocket. Have been constantly going on shopping spree I really think I overspent :( shiate.

 Dined in Delicious for the first time and I tried out Tomato Baked soup. This is good!

Dress - from Empire, Lavenir
Spent the rest of the night with byi and friends @ Joanne's place.

&& finalllly. New Year Eve!
My boyfie and relatives came over to my place. Spent our evening @ Papparich for dinner then headed to Starbucks to chill. Came back home and had drinking sesh with 'em while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Top - Kitschen
Dip dyed shorts - SPAC Empire

It's funny how as we grow older, we aren't keen about going to crowded places, getting sprayed and stuffs like that. We prefer doing it simple and memorable. Like heading out for dinner with your love ones, spent the night drinking together and then wait till the new year comes. I pretty like how I ended my 2012. Especially with my family and boyfie :) It's good.

& before I end this post, these was what my boyfie got me as souvenir from China. Nothing much just pants and another hello kitty mug to my collection! :D teehee.

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