Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#21 Le girls

This was somewhere around the end of January if i'm not wrong? Met up with my big sissy(s) right after my class for only couple of hours. Apparently, they're elder than me and I find it comfortable calling them sissy sooooo, that explains. hahah.

 Meet Su-Ianne! One who's ever so bubbly even when she's on her ranting/frustrated mode. No way I can be as bubbly as she is -.- haha. Biggest sissy!

Now meet Emelia Chan! Whom i've been good friends with for almost four years now? And still counting. Please notice her hairstyle. Bold enough to try. Big sissy!

Le girls! Sher, Ianne, Eme ;)

I think you can tell how hyperactive she can get just by looking at the way she poses in photos.

I came just to keep my blog updated. AND I GOT MY P LICENSE LIAAAO! holy-moly :O drove baby's car right after I got my license. Sho nais :3

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