Friday, August 30, 2013

#39 Coffee, anyone?

May I present you, the 3D coffee art ;)

Sooooo, my former classmates were keen to try out Coffee Chemistry Signature's coffee right after they saw my photos on my Instagram. I decided to bring them there yesterday since it has been quite some time since I last hung out with them ever since our third semester ended. & they were really curious 'bout the 3D coffee art that I had mentioned to them earlier.

Hello Kitty

Here's another cup of 3D coffee art. Edwin's cappuccino. He rarely drink coffee but he insisted to order 'cause of the 3D coffee art. LOL. 

And I've got to admit that I feel happier whenever I am served with a cup of good coffee with pretty presentation. xX


  1. Coffee I love coffee. I drink thrice in the day. It makes me stress free and fit.

    Kopi Luwak