Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#38 Coffee Chemistry Signature

Chemistry's Signature Coffee

Green Tea Latte

Vanilla crepe, Red Velvet cake and Strawberry Cheese cake

I was delighted with the simple and lovely presentation on the serving plate and cup. I personally love to drink coffee but unfortunate enough, I'm allergic to it. However, I found out that i'm only allergic to certain type of coffees. For instance, mocha and espresso. I'll have side effects. Well, I still consider myself lucky 'cause i'm okay with cappuccino and certain lattes.

As I was mentioning, I was delighted with the presentation. I like how they served their coffees with coffee arts. You may also request for different kinds of coffee arts. Oh, right! They do 3D coffee art as well. But I was really in a rush that day that I've totally forgotten about requesting it :( meh!

And the drawings with liquid chocolate on the plates! Despite the minion doesn't look like minion but I appreciate the worker's effort :) And if you guys are wondering where this is, it is Coffee Chemistry Signature Cafe which is located in First Subang Mall, Lot G22 & G23.

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