Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#37 Just like a heartbeat, the drumbeat carries on

So, here I am! To keep my blog as alive as possible. And have I ever mentioned that I really enjoy blogging? But I've gotten lazier T.T sigh.

Anyhoo, I drove down to Bangsar with my favorite sisters, again. This time we dined in Milk & Butter for breakfast. But is 11am+ still considered as breakfast? Typical JM who has issue waking up. So much for having early breakfast.

Milk & Butter's morning glory. Sure it's filling and scrumptious!

We went for desserts too @ Dip n Dip. I think i've mentioned 'bout this in my previous post or something? Really worth the try despite pricey.

 Well, allow me to introduce. This is JM 

And this, is Adeline 

It's amazing how we've been really close/good friends for almost a decade now. We do the most epic, hilarious and crazy things together and we can go absolutely silent for a short while without feeling awkward or anything like that. No words can possibly describe our sister-ship. It's really nice to have a few real friends around you :)

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