Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#20 2013's Valentine Day

Four happy couples @ Kiraku Japanese restaurant - Shaftsbury Square on a Valentine's evening

I remembered clearly that I woke up in the morning feeling rather excited because I swear i've never heard of this place but according to baby, this is one expensive dinner. So for a fat girl like me would be more than happy to be able to go for a good dinner! Hehe.

#Take1 with my baby Aaron. Team-black! haha

#Take2 with my weird-baby-Aaron :D

One unique thing about this Japanese restaurant? They employ well-trained chefs to serve us, customers. You can try searching for their cooking skills on YouTube. Just type in Kiraku Japanese Restaurant and you'll be amazed. Imagine watching it live? haha. You wouldn't get what I mean if you don't bother searching for the videos. So please do, lol.

This is Wing Wai! Nvm just look at the King Prawn. No it isn't a bloody lobster :O

 The guyyyys.. and the chef-for-the-night ;)

Do you like my iPhone cover or not!? :3

Every thing was well marinated/cooked! Seriously. Every each dishes tastes sooooo gooood that I didn't feel bloated even after finishing all of them except for the last dish. I've no idea what other better words to use to describe of how much I enjoyed myself with baby and the other couples that night. You know, that kind of feeling, dining in some expensive or better known as fine-dining restaurant, enjoying superb-uberly good food, experiencing something new with the best companion? HEAVEN.

& I shall let the pictures roll. Get reaaaaaady to drooooool >:D


 Tiger Prawns.

The uncooked king prawn and tenderloin beef.

 First appetizer served: Pumpkin Soup

 Mango Rum cocktail

 Crystal lime cocktail

 Tenderloin beef

 Appetizer: Soft-shell-crab salad!

 The glorious chicken wings with melted cheese inside. I've no idea how they did this but damn this is one of the best! *thumbs up*

My baby can definitely go for food commercial -.- hahah.

 heart-shaped Salmon topped with fish eggs and avocado.

These are salmons if i'm not wrong? idk lol.

 I dont know what kind of fish is this but it tasted pretty much like tuna fish to me.

 & the dessert! Please spot the noodles behind. That was the last dish served but we were all too full to fit that in so I had only a quarter of that.

With dearest and the favourite couple :)

#OOTN #Valentine #2013 #POTN
First polaroid picture w/ baby 

Receiving a rose for the very first time too! :')

We went for a 10:30PM movie right after dinner @ Mid Valley. Watched "A good day to Die Hard" and I fell asleep half way through. Not my type of movie I'd say. Not because I don't enjoy watching action-pack films. In fact I reaaaally honestly do! But this one? mehhhh :/

This is my first time celebrating Valentine and it was very well-spent indeed. There's nothing else that I'd ask nor wish for. Only wishing that we'll be great together for a long long long long long time. xX!

P/S: All photos taken with iPhone5. picture quality damn good can!? :O

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