Friday, February 15, 2013

#19 CNY: Day 3

Third day of SEE-ANN-WHAI! Gong xi gong xi :3

Yours truly, sister Wong and sister Loo. Though we don't share the same surname but they're my closest cousins since young. Apparently, i'm the eldest Phan's granddaughter and the rest of my cousin sisters are a lottttt younger than me so I couldn't get along with them :/ sucks.

Because we sisters don't mind posting ugly photos of ourselves too. Hahaha!

Bad hair day. Oh but we've natural thick eyebrows :D no touch up done.

#OOTD #CNY2013
Dress: L'avenir from Paradigm mall.
Ring: Dragon Silver

To sum up my chor 3. My relatives and I went down to Seremban 2 for movie and karaoke session. My sisters and I went for karaoke sesh @ GreenBox instead. & you guess lah how much for one person? RM52 k? T_______T money burnt max level. Although they served us buffet dinner.

Budddennnn, I wanna go for another round of karaoke. Anyone? teehee.

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