Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#131 PINK It.

Hola! Introducing my very first ootd blog post! 😆

Top: Miss selfridge
Bottom: H&M
Accessories: DW watch.

I have never done this and I don't know how should I do it, but I am gonna give it a shot. I am no fashion guru or whatever, but I thought I could put ootd shots to good use, no? 

I recently developed a preference that I never knew I'd. I am obsessed with anything in black and white FYI. So I was never fond of pink, but now I do! Only to a certain extent of pink shades ofcourse - baby pink / pastel pink.

Call me old-fashion (or noob lol), but I always prefer going full black or I'd match any colour (be it pink blue red anything) with white or black. 'Cause to me you can never go wrong with B&W. Agree or agree? lol.

Signing off, xx.


  1. I love it! hahahaha I should do one too!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks hun!! And YES you totes should! Looking forward to it!