Thursday, July 13, 2017

#132 BLACK, is a lifestyle.


She wears black, but she has the most colourful mind 😉

Dress: Nichii
Accessories: Fossil watch, Pandora bracelet
Footwear: Daphne

It's really amazing how from thinking "everything in Nichii looks too matured" to "omg Nichii is one of the best place to get working clothes". Still can't believe my age, still can't believe i'm out of school forever (contemplating if I should pursue masters), and still can't believe how much have things changed over the years. But i'm proud of who I have become and i'm proud of my personal achievements, even if they mean little. Can't wait to find out what greater things this year has in store for me. 

Signing off, xx.


  1. Hahahah working clothes that are comfortable, a little casual but still formal enough to attend meetings! Go pursue your masters!! What major do you have in mind?

    1. Yup and that's why I have been making my purchases at Nichii very frequently. I don't know yet thou I think International Business would be quite a good choice? Or economics, albeit I never liked the subject LOL.