Saturday, July 29, 2017

#133 Pastel fever

Inner-wear: Tapas
Outer-wear: China
Bottom: Padini 
Accessories: Daniel Wellington and Pandora

I really wasn't trying to pull off that #RBF or #TOLF. I'm sure by now you know what's RBF but you'd be wondering what on earth is TOLF 😏 I came up with that 'cause I was indeed very upset that day. So it basically stands for "tired of life face".

πŸ‘€ I can sense y'all judging me already πŸ‘€

Anywayyyy.. I guess I'm a sucker for everything pastel. The sole reason why I paid Dessert Bar by Stanley a visit was because of the pastel-neon display outside of the shop. Shamelessly revealing the truth huh? lol. Well, go on and make your visit! Try their desserts and their iced long black. Also don't forget to audaciously have your round of photoshoot sesh 😜

Signing off, xx.

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