Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#18 CNY: Day 2

DAY 2!

 Jaz lychee beer! Teenagers' so called decent beers since last year's CNY.

I was sooooo sluggish that I didn't take some time to get my nails done before CNY so instead I did Valentine's nail art on chor 2. Really simple manicure just to avoid from feeling guilty for not doing anything to my nails this year. LOL so pathetic right.

 #OOTD #CNY2013 #DAY3
Dress: CatchUp
Heels: TSC
Bag: Bonita

As usual. Once we have our breakfast, my mom will suggest to go to the temple to pray. & by far I realize I didn't put on any accessories 'cause I always forgot to put them on before leaving the house T.T 

The cutest angpau that i've seen this year. Triple love for the hello kitty one! :3

&& stuffs that my elder sis and aunt Ling got for me as belated birthday + christmas gift. hahah. No I don't have an elder sister but my cousin is 6 years older than me and we've been close cousins since I was born so basically we treat each other like sisters :)


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