Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#17 CNY: Day 1

 The traditional cookies-serving thingymajinggy. Don't tell me you don't remember seeing this when you were youngeeeer? K nehmai.

Hi chiqs and dudes!

I think is necessary to be well-mannered to greet people first and what more wishing people. Sooooo, Happy CNY to anyone who happens to be reading this. May this snake year brings you all prosperity, health, wealth and serendipity.

Im blogging at this ungodly hour cause I couldn't seem to fall asleep so why not spend some time blogging bout my Chor Yat aka first day of CNY.

My fam and I headed back to our grandpop's crib on the CNY eve. We can't be missing out one of the most important part of CNY; reunion dinner. I swear both my mom and aunt Violet are darn-right-great home chefs who managed to cook 9 different mouth-watering, scrumptious dishes. Let the pictures roll, shall we?

 Many kinds of mushroom.

 Well marinated fried chicken

 Prawns! similar to butter prawns but my aunt has her way of cooking this.

 As usual. Sweet and sour pork 'cause everyone in the family simply loveeeee this. 

 Fried pork pieces.

 Siew Yok! what d'you call this in English? Skinny pork? lol

 Sambal petai!!!

 Oh oh not forgetting the pork belly soup and the black vinegar pork thingy! Shit I forgot what it's called yet it's my favourite dish of all.

Ok maybe it doesn't look so appetizing in photos but I swear them taste way toooooo guuuud! :O You guys have to know that I suck at angles so please bare with me :(

The inside cyber-cafe cause there's another cyber-cafe session going on outside too. LOL typical teenagers lah cannot help it.

Few of the many attempts that I tried capturing a beautiful photo of the fireworks which I guess I failed terribly? K maybe not. But I managed to capture one! At least -.-

So that's all for CNY eve?

Here are some of the photos taken on the first day of CNY. As usual, we'd head down town for breakfast in the morning. Come home and wait for the rest of the.. what should I call them? "one year see one time" relatives. My cousins and I don't have to go to other places to bai nian. All these other relatives will come to our place and give us ang pao one. sho nais ^^v
 #OOTD #CNY2013
Top: MNG
Bottom: China
Studded-skull clutch: RR
Heels: TSC
Hair-do: DIY lolol

Wearing RED dress/top on the first day of CNY seems to be too mainstream to me so this year I decided to wear a gold-silver top match with a striking red tights. Something different lor.

& here's a family photo to end this post but we all look extra fat here even my bro complained so. But that's fine. Since this is the only one we have :'( sho fail. xX

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