Saturday, March 2, 2013

#24 Everything has gotta do with you

Dress: L'avenir
Waist belt: Asian Avenue
iCover: Bangkok

Well, i'm in a sudden urge of whining 'bout this, that my dip-dye colour didn't seem to stand out after a month or two. I got my hair dip-dyed in copper red last year February. According to my hair stylist, it was the latest colour released in The Cut Above so she got it to try it on my hair. I honestly like the colour but it didn't stay for long prolly 'cause I didn't bleach my hair? 

I've been thinking what sort of hair colour suits me best. Cherry brown or something more to red but my purse can barely breathe already so i'm only waiting for the right time to get my hair done. Moreover, I actually thought of straightening my hair since I did curls last year January. 

Is not that I do not like how my hair looks like right now. It's perfectly fine but I guess I might look better and younger with straighter hair? Hmm. Decisions decisions.

'till then.

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