Saturday, March 2, 2013

#25 My baby's 21st birthday

I'll be blogging 'bout my big baby's 21st birthday which was more than a month ago. I know. I've delayed this post way too long that's why I took the initiative to upload the photos and get this done before my updates keep piling up.

I baked him a dark chocolate cake!

My baby called this "The Devil's Cake" cause it's rich in dark chocolate. Rich? Dark chocolate? But it's not even a tad bit too sweet. Everything is just nice. I've been baking this same recipe for many years so my measurements are pretty good already, I'd say ;) hehe.

I swear this is one very impromptu so-called birthday card. No I wouldn't want to call this as a birthday card. I prefer saying that this is just a "note" to him. Shit i'm such a fail gf LOL.

Playboy's multi-purpose belt + genuine leather wallet + cologne

Nicely wrapped waiting to hand 'em to my big baby :D

His daddy didn't manage to get a huge cake for him.. which I don't quite remember what was the reason exactly but it seems that the King's bakery didn't have ingredients to make a big cake. Dacrap? -.-

& lastly, a photo of myself before heading back home. 
Dress: bareback from Catchup
Earrings: Bonita


 Photo credits to the blog link above 'cause I didn't snap a photo of their sign board.

So, baby's mom brought us to this place in Kuala Lumpur for dinner one day after baby's big day - El Cerdo. I didn't know that there's such a place in Malaysia 'cause this restaurant serves only pork. Yeah. I know. I doubt you'll see this kind of restaurant anywhere else besides KL.

 The appetizer. The salad is damn good, no joke.

Pork sausages. TASTE TOO GOOD I CAN'T EVEN..

Oh just before I proceed with the other food photos that are about to make you all drool even more, I just wanna explain that baby's mom is a cool mom. She doesn't mind us taking photos of the food. In fact, it was her who started snapping photos first. I loike x5 >:D

One special thing about this restaurant is that they have this sort of traditional "throw plate" thing. One of their worker will demonstrate to show us how it's done and someone from our table has to 
 do it.

First, you'll have to chop the suckling piglet, twice, with a plate. Yes plate -.- Just imagine how crispy the suckling piglet's outer layer is. The reason why you chop the suckling pig with a plate is to "transfer" all the bad luck into the plate. Once you're done chopping twice, you throw the plate onto the floor so you throw all of your bad luck away. You know la, traditional belief. hahah.

Cannot remember what is it called but friggin sex in the mouth :O

 The suckling piglet.

 & it was my baby's birthday isn't it? So we all had a shot.

Sorry for the low quality photos :( it was very dim inside.

#OOTN baby
Top: Zara
Pants: I don't remember lol

#OOTN me
Top: Kitschen
Skirt: e-Boutique
Waist belt: Asian Avenue
Accessories: Bonita necklace / charm bracelet / Poh Kong anklet
Bag: Bonita
Heels: TSC

That's about it for today. Toodles!

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