Thursday, March 21, 2013

#28 Midnight thoughts

Blogging at this ungodly hour, yes, again. Do you know what I hate about not being able to sleep at night? Midnight thoughts will come right in and it feels like I'm triggering all the bullshits into my head.

Anyway, am proud to say that i'm a bold new driver cause I don't wanna drive a bloody auto car. In fact I persuaded my mom to allow me to drive a manual car. 1) I get to play with the gears. 2) I don't want to rely on auto car, just yet. And yep, that is a photo of me driving my mom out to get her things. & I have a habit driving with one hand which I must learn how to drive with both hands now. It's never safe to drive with only one hand -_-

I don't remember when was this but probably a week back, where Joanne and I headed out for lunch. I couldn't think of any nice cafes nearby besides getting our butts jammed in SS15 whilst trying to look for a parking lot, which I strongly think is not necessary. So we ended up in Sunway Pyramid for pasta.

Joanne and yours truly.

Top: Kitschen
Bottom: MNG
Bag: studded clutch from Raqul Reed
Accessories: Bonita
Watch: Baby-G BGA-200-1E 
iCover: Seremban 2 Mall

I baked some banana with chocolate chips muffins twice this week. Family members requested it. By far the best muffin recipe I have. Muffins that make you ask for more! hehe.

& mommakins' super-ichiban freshly baked egg tarts. Some thing that you can get no where.

& I've been spending most of my sem break with my dearest. Spending time together, catch some movies, have meals, crack each other up, be us, just be happy together :) So far i've catched a few new movies on cinema. And these are highly recommended!


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