Sunday, September 1, 2013

#41 Final sweet treat


I have been craving for macaroons since monthssssssssss ago. So, my super-duper generous brother fixed my craving for me! hee. How am I not a happy sister?

And this is my last sweet treat before I begin with my "30 days challenge". I'm really hoping that I'd loose some weight by eating clean for 30 days. It may seem pretty impossible for me 'cause I eat a lot and I eat whatever that is edible. Yup, as long as it is edible. LOL. But i'll make it through, I know I will :O

Yup, here I am again. In Shakespeare! Bro's dinner combo.

Momsy and I's aglio-olio spaghetti

& younger bro's dinner combo

I may be on my "30 days challenge" now but this isn't gonna be the last food post! 'Cause there are more that I haven't manage to share with you guys. So, stay tuned! :3

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