Sunday, September 8, 2013

#42 Skater skirts x Sushi Zanmai


Top: Asian Avenue
Skater skirt: Online boutique
Bag: MosFashion
Heels: TSC 

& my girls' #OOTD as well but i'm not certain with where did they get their apparels from but if you're wondering where did Adeline get her denim top, it was from Brands Outlet & her neon bag, it was from Taiwan.

We did this skater skirt themed thingy just for the fun of it since it's currently the hottest trend.

JM drove us out to Paradigm Mall for some shopping sesh yesterday. HnM is my favorite place to shop for garments, thus far. If you guys are wondering which shops do I usually shop in, it's MNG, HnM, Kitschen, F21 and Catch Up. These are the places where I'll first go before looking into other shops. But nowadays I really think that Brands Outlet has a lot of pretty and in trend garments. So, Brands Outlet is my new favorite :D

We dined in Sushi Zanmai for lunch. It was my first time dining in though and I would say their food is really good despite the portions are a little smaller than many other places I have dined in.

My all time favorite gyoza.

My curry udon, which tasted superb! Another new love :3

Adeline's sashimi rice

& JM's chicken katsu, I guess?

Day was well spent with these girls and I was really really happy with what I bought. Finally some new and super pretty clothes in my closet!

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