Thursday, September 26, 2013

#46 My 19 Birthday: S.Wine Cafe

Drooling already, aren't you guys? ;)

I went out with Lyn and Chermaine on a Saturday morning to celebrate Lyn and I's 19th birthday. Our birthday falls on the same date, month and even year so we made it a habit on celebrating our birthday together every year ever since the day I met her.

So we decided to settle down in Publika, Solaris for some goooood fooooood but we got lost around the area for about a couple of hours 'cause the GPS doesn't seem to be showing the right direction. We followed our instinct and we went according to the sign boards instead. GPS can drive you nuts some times -.-

We dined in S.Wine Cafe for brunch:

 with Chermaine

Chermaine & Lyn

Pigs in Blanket, RM19. The sauce was phenomenal!

S.Wine House Salad, RM28.

Spicy Bacon & Mushroom Aglio-Olio, RM28.

The food was as good as I thought it would be so I was pretty satisfied. Not forgetting the food was served very fast as well. My friends and I were literally starving so we were hoping that the food will be served within 20 minutes but surprisingly everything came less than that. Maybe 15 minutes?

Overall, it's a good place to dine in with your family, friends or even your lover. I would rate them 7/10 for their efficiency, great taste of food and the interior which is pretty cozy.

We headed to a few places for desserts though but I shall blog 'bout the rest on a different post. So, stay tune ;)

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