Sunday, June 1, 2014

#84 Inside Scoop @ Bangsar, Telawi

No way anyone would turn down ice-cream, or at least for the people around me and myself. I will never say no to ice-cream, be it McD's RM1 ice-cream sundae cone or a cup of Haagen Dazs or even better, to have it topped on good, yield light waffles that stay crisp. I made my way to Inside Scoop @ Telawi with my girls after brunch.

Hail to that!

I've passed by Inside Scoop several times whenever I stroll down bangsar telawi street but never once did I thought of giving it a try until Chermaine suggested to, and it isn't a let down.

I hope you guys get to read the menu here and have a rough idea on what Inside Scoop serves. Do take note that they don't have a proper menu. That blackboard above is their menu. So do place your order before you get yourself seated.

If only they serve green tea ice-cream then this would be one of my favourites dining place.

Water is on the house. Feel free to grab yourself a cup.


My girls and I were bloated from the Indian banana leaves rice that we had in Devi's Corner so we ordered waffles with double scoops of ice-cream to share. We chose strawberry sorbet and chocolate valrhona ice-cream.

I'm giving an honest verdict to this plate of goodness an 8/10. For it's light but crispy waffles topped off with flavourful scoops of ice-cream. I don't know if I should call it gelato 'cause it tastes somewhere in between ice-cream and gelato. I guess you guys could do some survey about Inside Scoop to find out if they're actually ice-cream or gelato :)

Look at my silly friends while I was trying to take an artistic picture LOL

Anyway, glad that I took some time out to update. Half a year passed by so quickly. I couldn't believe my short semester break has come to an end. Classes are resuming tomorrow soooo, hello to more workload at uni! T.T 'till then.

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