Sunday, June 8, 2014

#85 Meltz Cafe @ SS15

Hi all! I'm just gonna make this post as short as it could go. And I couldn't believe that i've completed two assignments today. Do you guys have this similar feeling as I do? Where you feel all relieved and bubbly the moment you're done with your piled up assignments that are bound to due within a week's time or less? You just wanna pop the confetti and head out to pamper yourself with some good waffles. Har har.

I know it's a little too soon for another waffle write-up but I enjoy indulging waffles so much I just can't resist myself. Oh well. It was a super impromptu visit to Meltz Cafe @ SS15 with my uni babe, Onnia, someone whom I managed to make her fall in love with waffles too hahaha.

What went into our tummy:

I ordered the classic waffle topped with fresh fruits (you're free to opt from kiwi, banana and strawberry) so I had mine topped off with extra slices of banana and some strawberries, with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and finished it off with drizzles of chocolate syrup. This is by  far the best waffle i've ever tasted in Subang area. I still think The Daily Grind's old-fashioned waffles  the best! I know I haven't blogged 'bout that. I will, sooooon.

If you're a fan of both chocolate and butterscotch, then I would recommend you to ask for a mix of syrups like my friend did.

My friend's waffle - waffle topped off with bananas, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream, butterscotch syrup and chocolate syrup.

I personally don't fancy butterscotch that much 'cause it's a tad too sweet to my liking, but according to Onnia, the combinations were great. So, go give it a try already! ;)

It's pretty big and spacious inside.

In my mind I was like, "can I take this home with me?" LOL

I'd give an honest overall verdict for this cafe a 6/10. But for the waffle itself would be an 8/10! No doubt. Meltz Cafe is situated right opposite of Oregi in SS15 if you guys know where is that. Or else, try to waze it. Its not that difficult to find, but looking for a proper car park would be a crucial issue.


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