Monday, March 10, 2014

#76 Wondermama @ Bangsar Village

It has been exactly a month since I last make an update so i'm trying to make some time to blog 'bout Wondermama today. And it's scary how I have so many things to blog.

There was a day when I was dying to try Wondermama's famous milo smoothie. So my bestfriend accompanied me to satisfy my craving. 

Wondermama is an asian fusion concept restaurant located in Bangsar Village. It is one of the many cozy places in Bangsar, serving many varieties of food and beverages at an affordable prices.

I've wanted to try their burgers but they do not serve burgers before 12 noon which sadly, I went for the other alternative that I wouldn't mind having. Wondermama's nasi lemak. It really is good but it won't be the reason why I would return to WM just for the nasi lemak. I can get it elsewhere with similar tasting and at a lower cost.

I'm sorry I couldn't remember the name of this dish but it's a salad. Served with chicken meat and mashed potatoes. 

And WM's famous milo smoothie. So many people were talking bout how good it tastes. I know, some of you might think that this can be done at home at a wayyy lower cost but no harm trying, right? 

All in all, Wondermama is definitely a nice place to have your meal, to hang out and all that. There's no reason why I shouldn't recommend you guys to this place. So, do pay a visit and try their milo smoothie! No regrets ;) 

Anyhoo, I gotta run! I've finals to sit for this week so, wish me luck! Hehe. Xx! 

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