Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#75 Happy CNY!

Hi all! Couldn't believe that Chinese New Year is only two days awayyy! And it's crazy how January 2014 is coming to an end already. Is it me aging or has the world spun faster? hahaha k that definitely doesn't make any sense but it does feel like that.

Anywaaaaay, I'll be away for CNY for probs a week? So there won't be any updates for the coming week ay though i've plenty to update. But I will make sure I update as soon as i'm back ;)

So, Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese around the world! May this CNY bring y'all prosperity and good health along your way. And Happy Holidays to all the non-Chinese! Remember to drive safe and keep safe no matter where y'all at. Also, please take the initiative to wish all the people you love and care about a very Happy Chinese New Year. You'll never know what happens tomorrow so make an effort and act right away while you still can ;)

Toodless! x.

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