Monday, March 17, 2014

#77 D'italiane @ Paradigm Mall

My best friend brought me to D'italiane @ Paradigm Mall during the weekend for dinner and a little catching up to do. Although I drive a lot but whenever it comes to hanging out with my besties, they'll be the one fetching me around, willingly. Then ofcourse, I'll do the same for them and drive them around whenever they don't feel like driving. Haha!

D'italiane is an Italian cuisine. Yup, just stating the obvious cause some of you might not realize it. There's indoor and outdoor dining but I preferred sitting inside since neither my friends nor I smoke and it's quite hot outside.

We went one day after Valentine's day hence, the pretty decorations.

If I were to make a comment based on the customer services, I would say I am not at all happy about it. They're lack of staffs and it takes too long for the food to arrive and our food weren't served at the same timing. My friend's came first and I guess mine came after 10 minutes. I don't know bout anyone else but I personally don't like it. 5 minutes difference can be accepted but not 10. My friend's dish would have been cold by the time she waits for mine to come. Get me!?

Despite that, their food is good. From the picture, Braised Beef Ravioli and Carbonara Risotto.

The carbonara risotto I had was really creamy, cheesy and filling. I could barely finish it 'cause the portion was big. Feeling heavy after a few spoonful of it probably 'cause it's very creamy so I'd suggest you guys to share this one. The braised beef ravioli that my friend had was good but if only the pasta was a tad thinner. 

Our total bill came up to RM70+ including tax and two glasses of sky juice. Note that their sky juice is not on the house. Overall, I'd rate this restaurant a 6/10.

D'italiane Kitchen:
GB 03A & 05, Level G Boulevard, Paradigm Mall.
No 1, Jalan SS7 / 26A, 47301 Kelana Jaya.
Contact: 03 - 7802 8968

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