Monday, April 7, 2014

#78 Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe @ Sunway Pyramid

I had finally graduated from Pre-U and starting a whole new chapter of life in Degree. I honestly can't wait!

I had spent three weeks of my semester break productively. Worked at Popular book-fair for 13 days continuously and spent the rest of my holiday helping my mom out, spending time with my babylove and headed back to my grandpop's crib during the weekend for ching ming.

Now that being said, I'd like to make a short update on Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe @ Sunway Pyramid. Just a day before I started working, I drove Daph out for tea and we settled in for a cuppa and cakes.

Two flat white coffee, azuki green tea cake and hazel crunch chocolate cake.

Beyond Veggie is currently offering a tea-break promotion. A set of a slice of cake complimentary with a cuppa or tea at only RM7.50 before tax. I'd say that their cakes are up to my expectations. Both flavourful and moist. This promotion could attract more customers especially students who are studying in Sunway College. 'Cause I personally would like to have a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and a slice of delicious cake, simply to de-stress from all the assignments, projects, examinations and so forth.

K I gotta go so allow me to end this post with two pictures of Daph and I.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe
LG2, 52 and LG2, 53 - Lower Ground 3
Sunway Pyramid
Call 03-56241352 for any enquiries.

So long! xx.

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