Sunday, November 8, 2015

#110 Modeling Take Out Cup Pack - DearBeauty777

A friend of mine has been very passionate about introducing and providing all the females out there with these facial products imported directly from Korea. She has recently came up with her own online business, so do check her out on both Instagram and Facebook by searching DearBeauty777 on Instagram or click onto this link which will direct you to the Facebook page:

Don't hesitate to show some support by following and liking their page alright! :)

DearBeauty777 is currently offering a variety of Modeling Take Out Cup Pack package. Going off at only RM45 for 3 cups of pack.

The use of different pack:

Acerola: Whitening and firming (skin elasticity).
Peppermint: Skin smoothing, refreshment, pore care and skin cooling.
Paper Mulberry: Hydration, whitening and skin resilience. 

DearBeauty777 offers more than just that 3 packs that I have mentioned on the above. Well, if you're curious and would love to know more about the different packs, then you know exactly what to do! (follow them on FB already!)

What's so amazing about this Modeling Take Out Cup Pack is that you only need to follow these 6 easy steps to have a beautiful and flawless skin! And in addition, it is advisable to use these packs on hands and neck.

Do take note! Fill the cup with only that much of water. Too much water will cause the pack too be  very sparse and it gives a very lumpy texture. So remember! DO NOT put too much water! And stir it in a gentle, circular motion.

And it should turn out looking like this - soft, but dense. 


For more information, go on to their Facebook page or direct message the ever so friendly lady boss (Rachel Hwang):

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