Friday, January 15, 2016

#112 A Walk with Silk Road MY

The Eastern culture is a continent which consists of an exceedingly broad geographic, and the Silk Road, which is also known as Silk Route, is an ancient network which served as a means of carrying out cultural trade among the civilizations along its network connecting the West and East of China and India to the Mediterranean Sea.

Some of us believed that a culture is the set of concepts that help us to navigate our world despite the differences in nationalities, societies, beliefs, lifestyles and ethnic groups in the region. Most of the time, people are heavenly unaware of these incredible influences of their culture. By knowing more and adopting the way different culture affects one's thought, all of us can change the typical way of working things out. When on has the tendency to focus on an individual people and objects, then start paying attention to the way people and objects interrelate. These relationships are often an abundant source of unknowing innovative ideas.

In the modern world today, not only the Western has successfully influenced the world, the Eastern emerged into the economy and has also successfully impacted and influenced everyone worldwide through culture and art. Unlike the olden days where the Western has always out-shined the Eastern in many ways.

By adopting and adapting to the different cultures from all around the world, people get inspired which later turn all that into many innovative ideas in many different sectors. One of the best example is art – whereby the Eastern and the Western have been actively collaborating with each other in terms of technology, education, calligraphy, interior and many more.

Let me show you a couple of differences between the Modern and the Traditional Eastern's furniture.

The traditional:

And the modern:

Another great example of how the Eastern culture influences the world is the number 1 famous Korean cosmetic brand – Memebox (which is my personal favourite btw) has been doing collaborations with the Western companies such as The New York Times, XTM, Cosmopolitan and Allure Magazine.

Samantha Schuerman Memebox
Collaboration between Memebox and Samantha S.

Another successful impact of the Eastern - China is the current rave of XiaoMi smartphone which was first launched in the year 2010. I believe many of us uses XiaoMi as a substiture of Apple's iPhone as it is almost as efficient and effective as of Apple's iPhone. Even I myself, am a XiaoMi user and to be honest, I am very satisfied with its functions and efficiency. 

I'm really proud of how the Eastern has been impacting the world in positive ways. What about you?


Well, stay tune for more updates from me with Silk Road oraites! Will be back with more and interesting updates! Pinky promise xx.

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