Friday, December 14, 2012

#5 Of final exams and Hungry Hog


I'm finally done with my first sem of foundation! Gahhhh. I really think that the earth is spinning faster and faster every each year haha.

Soooo, this girl here namely Lyn, who has been a wonderful friend of mine for five years now. We finally had the time of our life to meet up for some sister bonding and lunch session.

Dined in Hungry Hog for the very first time since people said the burgers there are great and indeed they're scrumptious! The portion is huge (for girls) and the price is affordable. Really worth paying!

Oh and if you guys happen to dine in Hungry Hog, pleaaaaaase try Three Little Pigs! Highly recommended ❤

Then headed out with my boyfie after my final exams. Nothing much. Spent the evening with this silly boy is the bessssssst ;)

& pictures shall entertain y'all nao. Toodles!

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