Sunday, May 5, 2013

#31 Sunway Lagoon

I took the opportunity to go for really cray-cray rides with my boipren and four other love birds on one of our short semester break. I've not been to Sunway Lagoon for a looooooong time. The last time I went when I was 14?

& Lagoon has opened the new largest water ride in Malaysia: VUVUZELA. I tell you! T'was INSAAAANE max level >:D I'm not sure about this but according to Google, Lagoon opened the world's first Waterplexx 5D. I didn't get so amazed with it 'cause I am never afraid of anything like that. Apparently, I sat there like a moron, giving no expression at all. Lol. But everything's good. Least I get to go for new rides after so many years, no?

Now, I just can't wait 'till I go for a short getaway this year end. It's crazy how time flies so fast so I do think it's okay to even think about where to go this year end already.

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