Saturday, May 4, 2013

#30 Wing Wai's 21st

A friend of mine convinced me that Aqua Rush's BB Cream is good. Well, I'm the kind of teenage girl who doesn't really care about my skin condition. Lazy or not, I just couldn't be bothered. Not until recently I realized how sluggish I was and how I didn't make any effort in taking care of my complexion. What I do is I wash my face with Himalaya's face wash, apply toner and some acne prevention cream. That's it.

But naaaaaao?

I've started doing surveys about other products and whatnot. I tried out so many different kinds of masks too and I get them for free at most of the time >:D I don't draw my eyebrows. I leave them be as it is. The only thing I focus on is my pair of eyes. So last month, I took the initiative to give BB cream a try and voila! I couldn't believe how I looked so much better in it. Plus I used Naked 2's eye shadow palette that night. I really think that all of these made me look good that day.

It was Wing Wai's 21st birthday. A good night spent with hub and the buds ;')

Bad quality photos cause we were all so tired already. Anyway, meet Tracy Tan! :3

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