Friday, October 4, 2013

#51 Amelio @ Setia Walk

Wazzzup ^.^v

I was so lazy to dress up and whatnot so I grabbed the simplest and comfiest outfit to put on and headed out for dins @ Setia Walk with my family. I remember this is somewhere around August but I didn't get to blog 'bout it so don't mind me blogging all the backdated happenings k? hehe.

We dined in Amelio for dins:

The pizza is pretty good though and the rest of the dishes were really satisfying as well. We ordered 4 main courses, a pizza, 4 glasses of sky juice and 2 glasses of cocktail for about RM160+, including taxes. Quite pricey but it was worth it ;)

I wouldn't mind spending my night chilling at Setia Walk 'cause of it's cozy environment.

Setia Walk!

K I wanna watch Running Man now so, toodles!

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