Thursday, October 3, 2013

#50 My 19th Birthday: Brotzeit

I celebrated my final teen birthday with my dearest and friends on a Friday night, 20th September, which is only a day before my actual birthday. I am no longer a teenage starting from next year so I tried to make the best out of my 19th birthday and I thank each and everyone of them who took the initiative to come up with plans (especially my family, fatty & besties) to celebrate my birthday on my birthday's weekend and made it one of the most memorable birthdays, ever.

I am blessed T_____T 

Soooooo, we dined in Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Mid Valley for dins. We ordered the special set instead 'cause Wing Wai bought the voucher from Groupon. I don't remember what is this set called. It's something like, pork knuckles - pork belly set that comes with four glasses of beer. It serves up to 4-6 person and it costs only RM238. I personally think that it's worth the price you're paying for.

& my so-called birthday "cake". Specially ordered by Jun. Hahah!

With the dearest!

& I was really happy that he was the one who planned to celebrate my birthday with the friends etcetc, without me saying anything at all. Infact, I didn't know how should I celebrate my birthday this year. I like it when people plan it for me cause it makes me feel so loved. LOL

From left; Tracy, Wing Wai, fatty, me, Crystal and Jun.

We went for a movie: The Internship, right after dins around 9:30pm or so. It was good. The movie was really hilarious and I got to countdown to my birthday with my fatty! Haha. 

No words can possibly describe how thankful and happy I was :')

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