Thursday, October 10, 2013

#53 Delicious

Another last minute tea-time sesh with my sisters on a Sunday evening. Initially, we planned to go to the Upstairs Cafe in SS12 'cause i'm craving for their red velvet cake but little did I know, it is closed on Sundays. So do take note that Upstairs Cafe is closed on Sundays k!

Since then, we headed to Sunway Pyramid's Delicious for desserts without having a second thought. We ordered the 3 tier tray set, inclusive of two cups of either coffee or tea at RM59.90. I think it's pretty reasonable if it's shared equally to 3-4 person though.

Flat White coffee

Earl Grey Tea

& the pretty 3 tier tray!

This set has a pavlova, 2 sticks of strawberries fondue, 2 scones with whipped cream and jam, 3 cookies, 2 dark chocolates, 2 tarts and 6 slices of sandwiches.

I personally think that the portion is too big for 3 person. Perhaps 4 person will be just nice. Not forgetting, these girls treated me 'cause they didn't manage to buy me a birthday present so this was basically a belated birthday "celebration / gift". Seriously, how thoughtful of them! :')

Sorry for the blur picture! My ootd ;)

JM! :)

Adelineee :)

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