Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#61 Komugi Cafe @ Subang Parade

I woke up early in the morn' today having this really sudden craving for a slice of scrumptious green tea cake. Have I ever mentioned that I am a huge green tea lover? It doesn't matter if it's green tea, green tea desserts, matcha drinks, green tea buns, whatever it is! I just love green tea.

So I headed to college, attended six insane hours of classes and decided to satisfy my green tea craving at Komugi Cafe (a japanese derived bakery + cafe) located in Subang Parade with my friend, Daphnie.

I was a tad upset when I realized that my camera went out of battery. I thought I charged it several days ago but maybe I've used it up. That explains my bad quality pictures 'cause they are all taken with my iphone4 instead.

Green tea pudding, RM5.50

Now that being said, I ordered a cup of green tea pudding instead as a substitute for green tea cake 'cause it made me really curious how it'd taste like as i've never tried green tea flavoured pudding before. Taste wise is good, it's really flavourful and the texture is really smooth. A plus point for the adorable looking cup! hee.

Mango cheesecake, RM6.50

It is neither the best nor worst mango cheesecake but I wasn't pleased with it. I am judging based on my personal preference, that is. I really don't think it's worth paying RM6.50 for this small slice of "no where close to being delicious" cheese cake.

Mini chocs croissant, RM1.40 and Nuts garnish, RM3.80

Mocha, RM9.90

Honestly speaking, I don't remember when was the last time I had a cup of good hot mocha 'cause I drink cappuccino most of the time. I don't know is it because it has been so long since I last drank mocha or was it that Komugi Cafe serves a good one. Anyhoo, I'd rate it 6/10.

Daphnie's flavoured latte - peppermint, RM11.90

The pastry's section.

The sweet treats' section.

Pretty looking chocolates.

Well, that sums up my day! It was a truly productive Tuesday for me. So how did you spent your Tuesday? ;)

Komugi Cafe
Unit LG 20L, Lower Ground Floor
Subang Parade Shopping Centre, SS15, Selangor

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  1. Plain pudding, Strawberry pudding Chocolate pudding and Green Tea Pudding I haven't try yet. Mango pudding taste less sugar since it's suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Not the same taste as Lavender's Mango pudding.