Saturday, November 2, 2013

#62 Nutmeg at Bangsar Village II

Cool displays and a bucket of candies (trick or treat!)

My best friend, Lyn, picked me up from college on Friday morning and we headed to Bangsar Village II for a hearty breakfast meal. I suggested Nutmeg since the both of us haven't been there before.

I got pretty amazed with the drawings / paintings that were hung on the wall in Nutmeg. Please excuse me for I really suck at all these and frankly speaking, I don't even know how to enjoy looking at pretty paintings and what not. It really isn't my thing but these paintings are somewhat impressive and it got me staring at all of them for a while.

Not forgetting it's interior gave us that cozy and comfy vibe. Lyn and I could literally sit there for hours and hours just talking 'bout life, college and all the drama mommas whilst enjoying our hearty meal with a cup of either good hot coffee or chocolate. It almost felt like home. Definitely not over-exaggerating that.

Wazzzzup! lol.

Macchiato, RM6

I didn't know macchiato is served this way. I thought it's something similar to cappuccino but I was clearly wrong. I was quite astonished when I was served with this small - bitter cup of coffee 'cause I didn't expected it to be this way. Well honestly it was my first time ordering macchiato so don't mind me. Now I know better 'bout coffee other than sticking to my comfort zone - forever ordering cappuccino and latte lol.

Salt beef hash, RM16

I've only tried this dish once in Plan B and it was one of my favourite dish ever since. I think this one in Nutmeg is good too except I liked Plan B's better 'cause the portion is bigger and it's less salty.

Lyn's french toast with banana and butterscotch, RM12

I had only a bite so I shall judge based on that one bite? hahaha. Anyhoo, this one is good as well but they shouldn't be so skimpy on the banana. They could have served another slice of banana to go with the toast 'cause one really isn't enough.

I like hanging out with this girl, really. She makes me forget 'bout all my worries. The one who is there for me through thick and thin and love me for who I am. & she is my always hunting for food-partner-in-crime ;)

Lot F-28A, Level UG
Bangsar Village II
Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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