Monday, January 20, 2014

#72 Happy 2014! @ SilverSpoon, Publika

With my baby love. Our #ootn on New Year's.

I've been a really inactive blogger, that I realize. I don't wanna apologize and I don't think any of you readers even want to see me always apologizing for not constantly updating this poor blog. Well, let me share one thing with y'all. One of my 2014's resolution is to be an active food-blogger. Yes, a food-blogger. I found both interest and passion in blogging 'bout food and places just last year. Not forgetting, the people I get to share all the beautiful moments with. I didn't have the time to sought out my photos etc lately 'cause honestly, I've been really really busy. Hence, lack of updates. But fret not peeps, i'm back! ;)

Sooo, I booked a table for 10 on New Year's Day at SilverSpoon, Publika. Could not think of any better restaurants to dine in for a hearty dinner with the bunch so I thought of bringing them to SilverSpoon. Like, why not?

SilverSpoon is an Italian restaurant that serves pastas, brunch, pizzas, steaks and so on. According to my online research, it's menu selections are abundant but it offered a special New Year's menu that night so there were very little choices. Anyhoo, here is what I managed to document that night. 

Lamb pasta.

Lamb pizza. This is the bawmb people!

Salmon pasta, topped off with a poached egg.

Juicy pan seared chicken breast with sauce.

I would rate this Italian Restaurant in an overall, 7/10. In terms of flavour, presentations, services and ambiance but I would have rated it an 8 if they didn't charge us for the filtered water 'cause I honestly think that water is usually on the house when you go to these places. Correct me if i'm wrong but my friends all agreed with me. Psh.

SilverSpoon @ Publika
Lot No.33, Level G2, Publika,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: Daily from 11am - 11pm
Reservations can be made - 03 62016800

And some photos taken with my love and friends on that night:

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