Thursday, July 24, 2014

#88 Nana's Green Tea @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

There are too many bad happenings this year. For my family, I and the world. I couldn't believe i'm losing another family member after having to go through my hero's four years ago. The same old feeling came back. My heart shattered the moment I woke up to such heart-breaking news this early morning. We all knew the time is near, we may be ready to hear it, but none of us were ready to face it. Life, huh?

I'm here to make an update to keep my mind off things. So.. yeah.

There was a day where my best friend came to pick me up from my Uni 'cause I had four hours of break, and headed to Mid Valley. It was a total impromptu visit to Nana's Green Tea @ The Gardens, Mid Valley. We didn't know where to go at first until Lyn suggested to go to Mid Valley 'cause she had something to do in Mid Valley that day. 

Matcha Nama Chocolat Parfait @ RM19.80

Let me introduce you to this oh-so-toothsome Matcha Nama Chocolat Parfait which I'd give an honest verdict of 8.5/10! Seriously. It was by far the best matcha parfait i've ever had in my 20 years of living. I'd definitely return for more of that despite pricey. But i'm telling you, its worth it! 

Chicken Karaage Curry Udon @ RM16.80

Chewy yummy udon noodles that was cooked to almost perfection, immersed in a bed of Japanese curry with a few pieces of chicken karaage and topped off with some corns and spring onions. Loving this dish the most!

Matcha Chocolate Latte
Chicken Karaage Salad

It was my best friend's choice, some pieces of chicken karaage with hard-boiled eggs, topped over with a bowl of fresh, healthy greens and having the beautiful dressing drizzled on top of it.

If you're the kind of person who loveeeees indulging Japanese cuisine + a matcha lover, then this would probably be one of the best restaurant to dine in! Like, you wouldn't need to think twice about it (except that it's slightlyyyyy expensive) but I still think it worth every single penny that I paid. Nana does their desserts better than their mains albeit the curry udon was great. Not too sure 'bout the rest of their dishes, but I bet their other dishes wouldn't taste too bad.

Overall verdict: 7/10.

Nana's Green Tea Cafe
Lot 231A, LG Floor
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

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