Thursday, October 23, 2014

#98 Italiannies @ Empire

I'm going to keep this post short and simple 'cause I was busy with my assignment and thought I could take a short break by updating my blog. So, yup.

Anyhoo, baby and I decided to dine in Italiannies @ Empire on my birthday week 'cause I was given an e-voucher worth RM30 discount off the bill from PinchofSalt when I dine in any of the selected restaurants around Malaysia.

My baby loveee :3

Wanted to have beef lasagna but they ran out of it so we ordered the alternative which was chicken lasagna. It tastes superbbb! Though I'd totally prefer having the beef one instead. I bet you could tell through the photos that the portion is pretty big. We can barely finish half of that and we ended up packing the remaining home.

We thought perhaps we should order a plate of meatballs spaghetti just incase the lasagna couldn't fill us up, but we obviously thought wrong. We could neither finish this, too.

Omggg. Looking at these plates of goodness is making me hungry already.

LOOK! At. The, Gooooooooodnesssss!

& i'm happy girlfriend 'cause my baby got me a birthday gift! hee.

Okay I gotta run, 'till then!

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