Monday, January 5, 2015

#105 Ben's and The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Here I am, wishing y'all a Happy New Year! Happy 2015 everyone! Another year has come and let's make the best out of it. I really do wish that this year will be another amazing year for all of us. Treasure the little things and be appreciative. Stop the whines, stop the "forever wanting more". Take a moment to realize all the good people and things around you and appreciate every beautiful moments. Leave the past behind, whatever happened in 2014 remains in 2014. Start new, start fresh! 

Let's just say I tend to forget things very easily sometimes and I missed out on this post. Anyhoo, allow me to share with you guys 'bout where I went with my besties on my birthday eve. So we headed to Ben's and The Daily Grind on my birthday eve.

What went into our tummies:

Complimentary crab-salad.

My all time favourite nutella shake and my girlfriends loved it, too.

Chicken mushroom pie.

Mushroom pizza.

Maybe it's just me or the cheese just didn't go well with the mushrooms. Idk. I loathe the taste and the smell of it. It was almost unpleasant to me. My girlfriends agreed that it didn't taste good too so perhaps it's the wrong combination, or we simply do not know how to savour this.

With Adeline ;)

Headed over to The Daily Grind for some  waffles after a 30 minutes interval from our dinner @ The Ben's.

I always tell my friends and family of how good these waffles taste and I insisted to bring them there someday to try it out themselves. Well, they loved it as much as I did! hahah. This is by far the best old-fashioned waffles I ever had.

Look at the generous amount of strawberries they give! Mm mm..

I always request for chocolate syrup instead of their usual maple syrup albeit you'll be charged an additional of RM3 (if i'm not mistaken). I wouldn't mind forking out an additional of RM3 because i'm more of a "chocolate person" instead of a "maple / butterscotch person". Well, what about you? ;) Which would you prefer?

With JinMay ;)

It was a great pre-birthday night out and I am more than thankful to have these beautiful angels in my life. Always making sure to pamper me as much as they can during my birthday and make it as memorable as it could go.

& once again, Happy 2015 peeps! 'till then.

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