Monday, October 21, 2013

#55 Antipodean Cafe

Lemon meringue, Apple pie and Carrot cake.

This was taken xx months ago and in fact, I've a lot to update even up 'till today. Way too many backdated posts and I don't know if I should bring 'em up or just leave 'em be. And again I've to say, I think my blog is becoming a food blog.

Now that being said, Antipodean seems to be one of the most well-known restaurant in Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 2. This cafe offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and coffees. Sadly, I didn't get to try any of their dishes 'cause it was already around 10pm by the time I got there. So I tried their desserts instead.

I personally don't think that their desserts taste good. The carrot cake didn't even taste like carrot and the lemon meringue was oh-kaaaaaay but the apple pie was fine though and I liked the crust. I'll definitely go back there to try their breakfast sets!

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