Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#56 Coffee break at Flat White Cafe

Flat White, RM8

It was a sunny Monday afternoon and I wanted to fulfill my coffee craving. So my friends and I headed to Flat White Cafe yesterday right after our class. This cafe is located above the shop lots, directly opposite to Asia Cafe at SS15 so it's really easy for you to spot it.

Just a random snap though.

I ordered a cup of flat white coffee at RM8 and a set of scone with strawberry jam at only RM4. Despite how the scone doesn't even look like what scones should look like, it tastes pretty good. On the other hand, I really think that they're not generous enough with the servings. The cup of coffee is actually pretty small and it's a tad bit more expensive compared to certain cafes in Subang and Sunway areas, and the taste of the coffee is not to my liking.

But I can't deny that I like the ambiance in Flat White Cafe and the totes adorb looking cups! Not forgetting that their staffs are friendly as well.

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